Exclusivity, Quality, Service

Robert Cracknell | Managing Director

Robert is a vacation rental marketing veteranĀ having founded multiple companies in the space including PersonalVillas.com, a leading luxury villa agency with over 600 villas for rent in the Caribbean and Mexico. After falling in love with Casa de Campo three years ago he became passionate about creating an agency focused on the resort area and founded CasadeCampo.travel in early 2018.

Originally from the west coast of Canada, Robert livesĀ  a somewhat nomadic lifestyle splitting time between his favourite haunts: Victoria, British Columbia, Tel Aviv, Montreal, and the Dominican Republic.

Chris Cormier-Jensen | Head of Vision

Chris was born in Singapore and has since lived and worked in six countries and visited over sixty! An avid traveller and student of culture, Chris brings a vast international flair to the team at CasadeCampo.travel

In addition to pushing the envelope in marketing and strategy for the agency, Chris is an international art dealer and founder of Nobilified.com, which allows customers to be hand-painted in oil like royalty (think: Napoleon The Great, Mona Lisa, etc)

Steve Walsh | Head of Content

Steve is an artist, photographer, musician, and also happens to be the best golfer on the CasadeCampo.travel team. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Steve positioned himself as one of the foremost fine-arts photographers and content creators in the city which is bustling with creatives and artists.

When not shooting photos, Steve can be found in his studio creating music or hitting the links.